One World Heart is a 501 (c) (3)  Charity

At One World Heart we provide  creativity workshops and retreats complete with  materials  and other needed items for children of all ages to help them be a kid or be a kid again; to play, heal and grow!

One World heart is dedicated to bringing out the potential in children of all ages by fostering  their Seeds of  Greatness with our Magnificent Me, Follow Your Heart Creativity Workshops and Retreats; designed to free one to be a child by engaging in playful, fun filled creative activities. Our workshops offer the opportunity of self-discovery explored through a world of creative possibilities.

One World Heart works directly with schools, community non profits, businesses, shelters and other groups to support the inherent creative nature in children of all ages to help awaken their seeds of greatness and instill self-trust, self-confidence and self-responsibility.  When the seeds of greatness are awakened and supported one can aspire to their greatest potential to help build a better and more sustainable life for themselves, their communities, their country and the world!

We  host workshops and events at our beautiful, secluded Follow Your Heart Creativity Center location, or our staff can also bring customized programs to your site. Learn More

One World Heart's primary focus is to improve and enrich the quality of life for children of all ages by helping them be a kid or be a kid again so they may play, heal and grow through creative expression. Each of our workshops or retreats and creative projects are designed to help the participants:

Envision and Reflect

Invent and Discover to Create

Relate and Connect to Self

Be compassionate and understanding of others and grow to be confident in trust of self, and be self-reposible in using their unique creativity to benefit themselves and their communities. See some of creative projects.

"The only things in life which know no boundaries and have no rules are Love and Imagination" Imagination is where the real magic of life exists. When partnered by loving service it is the architect of all great progress."  Rick Beneteau

We know children of all ages  are naturally creative; and with the right tools and encouragement to express their unlimited imagination they will bring their ideas to life and will accomplish great deeds. When the seeds of greatness are awakened and supported one can aspire to their greatest potential to help build a better and more sustainable life for themselves, their communities, their country and the world!

Art Supplies What We Do:
We host creativity workshops, retreats and events at our beautiful, secluded Follow Your Heart Creativity Center location, or our staff can also bring customized programs to your site  providing all the necessary artistic and design materials, so the children of all ages may have a chance to explore their inherent talents and gifts through multiple creative modalities.  Please Donate

Creativity with clay  How we benefit each individual:
Our intention is to help children of all ages play, heal and grow by providing them items that will help support bringing forth their unlimited imationation via playful creativity through art, design, photography, nature hikes and more to help them explore who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing.

Seeds of Greatness

Girls exploring paints
Our goal is to awaken and stimulate one's inherent playful creativity to learn about the value of self so they may be of value to their neighbors and community. We provide instruction but more importantly we encourage one to simply play with the materials, purchased with donations, to encourage the use of their imaginations so they may explore their own individual ideas.

Follow Your Heart Creativity Workshops and retreats are designed to assist one in self discovery explored through a world of creative possibilities by supporting one to be a childlike by engaging in playful, fun filled creative activities.

Play is not only vital to a child, but to everyone's healthy development. It fosters social skills and provides one the space and freedom to be themselves. Play also helps one relieve stress and pressure thusly supporting their individual and unique powers of imagination.

Everyone needs and desires plenty of opportunity for creative play and thinking. All children not only benefit from but deserve the time to freely express themselves openly and without judgment. 

Most people unfortunately have to be more focused on and engaged in survival; that does not lend itself adequate time to play where they can be creative.

Creativity is far more than drawing or painting. There is photography, music, sculpting, design, dancing, writing, building, cooking, gardening and more. We provide these children with the time, the guidance and a broad range of creative materials to explore and pursue bringing their imagination to life.

"We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is something valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit." E. E. Cummings

Creative expression can move a child beyond just an artful lifestyle to a healing experience.  Participation in creative activities can assist a child with shaping their sense of self and also render physical, mental and emotional healing.

Healing a Child with Art Creative expression can be especially helpful for children and adults in all walks of life facing conflict or transition and for victims of abuse or trauma; as it provides a vehicle to effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings they may otherwise have difficulty articulating,

Young children often have trouble dealing with emotions because they have a limited vocabulary or are too intimidated to engage in a  question and answer dialogue with a counselor.

Through creativity children are helped in bringing their suppressed emotions and negative beliefs about self to the surface where they can be addressed and healed.

Make A Wish Growth:
Creativity not only helps heal emotionally but also fosters mental growth; as it encourages one to try out new ideas, to welcome original thought and to engage in new thinking processes and out of the box problem solving. Creativity helps one not only acknowledge but continue to explore and celebrate their unique talents and gifts; so they may develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-responsibility, as well as build mental acuity, improve problem solving skills and shape a more empowering future.

Teaching Children Respect for Nature
A child, the community and the world benefit when one is guided to reach their greatest potential.  At One World Heart we engage in outdoor activities and exploration to help motivate creative expression . Our participants are escorted on hikes with mentors to learn about the benefits of wild flowers and herbs with an emphasis on awareness for all living things and the honor and respect they also deserve.

Make a Wish 2

Respect for Nature
On Going Support and Outcome Production:
We provide ongoing support after our initial workshop or retreat with an online program that allows the participants of our Follow Your Heart Program to access professional mentors for additional or specific guidance.

Besides building their self esteem by supporting their creative potential; each child may opt to keep their creations or they may choose to contribute their individual accomplishment to One World Heart's Worldwide online gallery/store.

A percentage of  the proceeds go directly to the creator to instill a sense of pride for their accomplishment and a percentage goes to One World Heart, Ltd; as the their contribution to continue the cycle of giving to help themselves as well as materials and workshops for other children.

"It is never too late or early for appreciating fine art. Whether it be music, painting, reading or writing, take some time out of your week to create or admire."
"The real purpose for each of us in the world is to listen and respond to your own heart, when another heart calls out for help. Follow your heart!"
Helping Children Take a moment to help another...One simple thing can change a child's life forever.

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One World Heart's focus is currently in the USA; below are the links to our past work helping children related organizations in Mexico and Panama.

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